Visual Art

Nomi Sasaki is a visual artist devoted to Chinese black ink tradition and animation. She pursued studies at the Purple Cloud Calligraphy Association 紫雲 in Tokyo and holds a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences from Lima University. Her work has been featured in international festivals and venues from Art Basel Miami Week to National Sawdust in Brooklyn. Her videos are designed for performative environments, seeking the resignification of spaces through projected images. Each piece is designed considering spaces’ real dimensions, which involves the construction of small-scale models. Inspired by puppetry, her process includes the creation of miniature stages in its interaction with lights, objects, and projection. Once the video is produced and projected in the performance space, the resulting image is a multilayered visual composition that challenges the audience’s final perception of both spaces’ and performers’ dimensions. She also blends footage of live paintings in Chinese black ink, integrating this visual tradition with multimedia formats. Although her videos are processed and manipulated by software, her aesthetic intends to preserve image’s and movement’s original handcraft. Since 2012, she has been a collaborator in composer Pauchi Sasaki’s GAMA project. She currently works as producer and cultural manager at the Peruvian British Cultural Association in Lima.

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