Multi-instrumentalist, Composer

Jeremy Flower is a multi-instrumentalist and composer of acoustic and electronic music. His work with electronics has landed him on stage as a guest artist with orchestras and chamber groups all over the world as well as with world-renowned electronic producers in experimental, ambient and minimal techno genres. Flower has been commissioned by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for their Music NOW series, James Sommerville and the Hamilton Philharmonic for their new music festival What Next?, and Carnegie Hall’s Weill Institute. He has written music for the feature documentary Risk, by Laura Poitras, and Animas Perdidas, from Monika Navarro. In addition, he writes music for the Mediated Matter Group from MIT's Media Lab. He is part of David Krakauer’s Ancestral Groove project, which explores the heritage of traditional Jewish music through the lens of the modern experience fusing Klezmer with hip-hop, jazz, and house music.  He has collaborated extensively with Argentine-American composer Osvaldo Golijov, helping to create electronic parts for the Grammy-nominated song cycle Ayre (2006) and one-act opera Ainadamar which won two Grammys (2007). Currently Flower is working on a second recorded song cycle to follow 2016's The Real Me and building modular synthesizers.

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