Silkroad collaborates with schools, teachers, and artists to explore the roles that passion and art can play in learning. Across the globe, Silkroad artists work with students and communities to foster practices essential to living in a democratic society: listening, curiosity, and collaboration.

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Art in a Time of Crisis

The Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE) has created a study guide to accompany Art in a Time of Crisis, a conversation with Silkroad Ensemble members Kinan Azmeh and Yo-Yo Ma about what it means to create art in the face of crisis and violence at home. The interview and study guide are recommended for music, social studies, and language arts courses at the high school level and above.

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Learning Across Difference

What happens when different cultures or languages connect for the first time? How can we forge meaning out of difference? How does music engage difference?

We’ve partnered with SPICE (Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education) to create a study guide for Vojo, a piece written and arranged by Cristina Pato and Kojiro Umezaki to explore the common ground between two very different musical traditions.

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The Music of Strangers

Download the curriculum guide designed to help you bring The Music of Strangers into your classrooms, explore stories depicted in the film, and highlight culture’s power to connect. Educational licenses for the film can be purchased here.

Lesson 3
Everything Old is New Again: The Chinese Cultural Revouation and Its Legacy

Lesson 3 begins with an introduction to the pipa player Wu Man and a dynamic simulation that opens student’s eyes to the difficult realities of the Cultural Revolution in China. Students research the personalities, events, goals, and impact of the Cultural Revolution; then they write an informative paper using appropriate documentation to explain this watershed event in Chinese history.

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Lesson 4
The Ongoing Syrian Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis

The humanitarian crisis ignited by the popular uprising in Syria and the incursions of ISIS is the subject of Lesson 4. After reading about the roots of the conflict and becoming aware of more recent events, students use the RAFT technique (Role, Audience, Format, and Topic) to write a detailed narrative that reflects an aspect of the Syrian crisis. Finally, they view an interpretive music and visual arts collaboration and design their own interpretive project.

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Lesson 7
Ancient Instruments, New Music

Lesson 7 is a music lesson that gives students more information about the traditional instruments that come together in unexpected ways in the Silk Road Ensemble.

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